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There are so many great stories to be told, let's tell yours in a way that will last!


Komorebi (2020)

This is God's story of using Mayuko Shono for His glory. She's a talented Japanese artist who studied in the US then reluctantly returned to Japan as a missionary.

Komorebi w: Laurel.png

A Kezdet (2018)

Follow Knok Studio through Eastern Europe as we answer the question: "What is Megaphone on Mission?"

A Kezdet Poster.jpg

Your Documentary

Documentary production is my favorite type of project to work on. The hype around a full-length documentary is hard to beat & it's so cool to have a project you can justify showing in theaters. I'd love to chat more details about what ideas you might have.

Movie Theatre

The Black Diamond Story (2019)

Curious as to the history of the small town of Black Diamond? This Washington community got its name with what was once a thriving coal mining town. This story contains the memories, history, & story of this small, but significant community.

Black Diamond Poster.jpg

Bower Adventure Course (2019)


The"BAC" or Bower Adventure Course teaches students life lessons & Biblical principals through rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, white water rafting & more. (Take an inside look at this adventure!)

Peak7 - Bower Adventure course.jpeg

V:IX Films (Five-Nine Films) is located in Hutchinson, KS.

We provide videography & editing services to those in the following cities & the surrounding areas. 

(We do love to travel! - Arrangements for travel anywhere can be made.)

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